Day 7: Departing Lithuania

As you can see, I need to be more diligent in keeping up with posting about my travels with IBI this summer. Wrapping up our stay in Lithuania; not knowing much before staying a week, I would say the country certainly exceeded my expectations. Staying at LCC University and having the ability to walk into the Old Town of Vilnius in the evenings made our stay that much more enjoyable. Having a few authentic meals; those of which varied from sausage and cheese rolled and boiled in potato, to fried bread with melted cheese appetizers. While walking into town and eating fantastic meals along with walking by the river and taking in all the sites, we had three class days in which we learned about comparative economic systems within the EU and Russia. Corporate visits entailed the US Embassy, the Presidential Palace, Klaipeda Port Authority, BEGA and Albright Lithuania. Giving a quick overview of the the many cultural visits and sites that were taken in, we visited the KGB Museum of Genocide, Trakai castle and the town of Palanga to name just a few. In short, this small segment may not explain the beauty of of Lithuania, therefore, I hope the following pictures are able to help with my lack of articulated description.



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