Words from the author

In all honesty

 I have gained an appreciation for bloggers since starting this journey. Having to write copy for a Digital Marketing course, it has been both frustrating and thoroughly enjoyable. Not knowing what exactly would be hold my interest much less the readers for a little over two and half months. Luckily business is something that I find quite interesting and it also happens to be the major I am pursuing. With this in mind, accompanied by recent books that I have read, I figured starting a blog along those lines would be pretty easy. Of course my ignorant self believed this lie and I have since then regretted choosing an awfully time-consuming topic. Although very time-consuming and stressful as it was, having to articulate my thoughts in ways I had never before has been immeasurable beyond my belief.

Pivots don’t mean the end

I will be traveling this summer, to many countries—13 countries and 1 state to be exact. With this in mind, I would certainly like to keep friends and acquaintances’ up-to-date with my adventures; therefore, I will be adding a ‘Travels’ tab to TheEquitableSource. You are certainly welcome, but not obligated, to read my hopefully (meaning hopefully I remember/make time) to write a weekly blog post. Along with writing I hope to keep some sort of photo journal just because who doesn’t like photos?!

Feedback welcomed

Though I know everyone that reads these posts will not feel comfortable commenting on posts, that it completely fine. Feel free to contact me through email or comment. You may not know it but I can control whose comments get published and who’s do not. Thank you for those of you have kept up with my sub-par blogging experience and have left notes of appreciation and encouragement. All is welcome.

In closing, thank you again for following me through this journey. It has been both challenging and rewarding. To reiterate what I previously stated, if you would like to follow my summary travels, there will be a ‘Travels’ tab soon to be added.


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