A few “Good Eggs” making a difference

As I was recently researching about food startups, I happened upon a company named Good Eggs. I read about how they want to help heal the deep wound that streamlined agriculture and large corporations had left on the small domestic farmers and their markets. Having done prior research on many large agriculture firms and food industry companies, I realized how this could be a decent practice to look into. Not knowing much about how the local food systems had been hurting, I read further down about their philosophy.

Local food systems are defined as networks of locally-owned farms, grocers, kitchens, and individuals looking to feed a single region of consumers. With local food still being about 1% of total agriculture in the U.S., Good Eggs is trying to change that—by tenfold. Being able to source food locally, gives the consumer a fresher, cleaner product. It also makes the traceability of the consumed product much easier.


We live in a broken economic system.

Since the vast majority of our meat and produce comes from a select few companies that control the food and agriculture business, product recalls can be dangerous. For a recall on beef with a company like McDonald’s, the largest fast-food restaurant in the world, has most of their beef coming from one company. This creates the potential for mass chaos when looking at a disease outbreak like E. coli or Salmonella. Alongside the potential for nationwide disease outbreaks, lies the fact that product can hold many harmful antibodies and fertilizers that were used in the growing of the animal or vegetable/fruit. Good Eggs wants their customers to know that they are on top of transparency with their growers and producers, making sure they are treating their product with fairness and growing them as naturally as possible.

Good Eggs Five Overarching Principles:

1.) You serve your local community.

2.) You pay your employees and vendors fair wages and treat them with respect.

3.) You ensure environmental sustainability, especially by practicing or supporting sustainable agriculture.

4.) You know your suppliers and their practices.

5.) You’re completely transparent about your practices and ingredients.

As a company, they strongly believe that there should be complete transparency throughout the entire food process and building an authentic community of individuals through the process of food. Building a strong future for “the next generation” is an aspect the company as a whole, makes as their mission. Recognizing that workers in their own communities can be just as hard workers as anyone else, stems the strong belief of rising up as local communities, creating and supporting domestic farmers and their markets. As environmental activist and critically acclaimed author, Wendell Berry, says, “eating is an agricultural act.” We must think as such and work towards creating a higher sense of integrity and stewardship for those who are growing and producing our food. We should want to know where our food comes from and how it is processed. Therefore, do your own research on other companies like Good Eggs who are changing the way we think about our food.


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