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Hey All! I’m hoping that this portion of my blog will come easier than writing for class. In case you haven’t heard, I am currently en route on an academic program that will encompass 13 countries through the next 10 weeks. That’s right, 13 countries! It will certainly be both mentally and physically draining but totally worth it in the long run. I would appreciate all your prayers and support, along with regular email contact; however, like stated before, this will be a jam-packed 10 weeks since along with the traveling, cultural and corporate visits, I will be taking four academic courses. The courses being Global Economics, Global Trade and Finance, Global Business Strategy and Global Marketing.

Now for the fun part and giving you the meat of the trip, below is a pretty solid itinerary of how the events will be unfolding.

May 19—20 Vilnius, Lithuania

May 21—25 Klaipeda, Lithuania

May 26 Riga, Latvia

May 27—30 Moscow, Russia

May 31— June 5 Heidelberg, Germany

June 6—10 Prague, Czech Republic

June 11—15 Innsbruck, Austria

June 16—18 Geneva, Switzerland

June 19—22 Paris, France

June 23—25 Rotterdam, The Netherlands

June 26—29 London, England

June 30— July 10 Chennai, India

July 11—13 Delhi, India

July 14—16 Shanghai, China

July 17—22 Dalian, China

July 23—27 Beijing, China

July 28 Return to U.S.A

I am extremely excited to start this journey and would love any advice that you may have. Therefore, I you have any advice or suggestions, please comment below. Thanks for reading and if you would like to get regular updates, click the ‘follow’ button on the sidebar to get updates sent directly to your inbox.




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